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liquid metal systems

Much of my professional career has been associated with the creation of products that use liquid conductors to realize stretchable electronics. This includes procedures for handling the metal and injecting it into wires, interfacing technologies for connecting to other devices, and prototyping devices that incorporate it. 


lead sales and support at Ripple, where I have the opportunity to work with researchers in academia and industry using our ephys research platform for a broad range of applications (prosthetic and BCI dev, intraoperative monitoring, basic research, etc.). 

My PhD work involved modeling neural networks, designed to mimic diseased tissue. I built software tools for using these models to introduce novel methodologies for stimulation that would improve neuroprosthetic efficacy.

Team management

Being candid, open-minded, willing to work at all levels of product development, and taking responsibility for all outcomes has proven effective in my ability to lead a team, connect with people of various backgrounds, and be efficient when working solo. 

Product Design & engineering

Top level conceptualization is my favorite part of designing a product or a research strategy. It has a daily role in my life, extending beyond professional work to home and auto projects and potential new business opportunities. I enjoy sketching new ideas, prototyping, and applying my art and engineering skills to creating new products.

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